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 Alan Gray Financial Services has been very helpful in guiding me through the Medicare enrollment process. Originally, I thought I could do this myself as I read a lot of material on the subject. As I got deeper into it I felt like I needed help from someone more knowledgeable than me and that I could trust. I met Alan at one of his financial seminars and I could sense that he was knowledgeable, honest and not pushy. Based on that I reached out to him and we met in his office for a consultation. Alan was very professional, had all the latest Medicare computer software and really helped me make the best choices for my wife and me. When it came time to actually enroll the corona virus was in full swing so we could not meet with Alan in person. No worries because Alan was able to help us enroll virtually through a teleconference meeting.

I’m very happy we went with Alan for Medicare enrollment. Alan helped to reduce the anxiety of making the right choice and was very supportive, friendly and helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend Alan Gray Financial Services to help guide you through Medicare enrollment.  

- Sheldon K.


 Thanks Alan. You made this process so much easier.  
- Sandy C.


 I was stressing about the process with Medicare, ins., etc., Alan made the process quick and pain free. Thank you!  
- Robin M.


 Thanks to you, all is well. Thank you for making this transition to a new insurance policy go so smoothly….without your persistence, it might never have happened! I know that you will offer the same concerned and efficient service to any future clients.  
- Ila L.


 Thank YOU, Alan. You made a complicated process much easier.  
- Barry Z.


 If you are going on Medicare and need a Supplement and Drug Plan, I highly recommend contacting Alan Gray. I just worked with him to get mine, and he was excellent!  
- Gale S.


 I have been on Medicare for several years with both a supplement and prescription drug plan. The cost of my supplement went up dramatically and my drug plan wasn’t doing a good job of covering the medications I was currently taking. Alan helped me find a new supplement with identical benefits at a different company for a lower cost. I didn’t realize that Supplement plans were standardized but each company charges different premiums. During the Annual Enrollment Period Alan was able to find me another prescription drug plan that covered my current medications at a much lower cost. I could not have done this without Alan’s help. He made the process so very easy!  
- Niki G.